Monday, October 13, 2008

Application Process

As an applicant, you will be competing with a number of other applicants for the position. Your chances will be improved if you do some research and planning before you apply.

Cracking the Code: This guide shows you how to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service and provides you with tips and information to assist you in applying for a position with Defence and other Government agencies.

Getting a job in the Australian Public Service: This guide from the Australian Public Service Commission is to assist Indigenous applicants to apply for Defence and other Government agencies.

Your application must include:

A covering letter clearly stating the job reference number and title of the position.
A completed 'Personal Particulars of Applicant - AA312 form;
Statement of claims against the selection criteria; and
A résumé including contact details of at least two referees. Referees can be from paid, voluntary or from work experience, the referee should be able to comment on your work related attributes.
The Selection Criteria

Your statement addressing the selection criteria is the most important part of your application and is the primary basis on which a selection panel shortlists applicants for further consideration.

You need to address each selection criteria thoroughly and succinctly and only include information that is relevant to the position. Under each criterion you should outline your relevant skills and abilities and cite key examples of your work performance, qualifications and other relevant experience.

Focus on quality not quantity. It is generally recommended that your statement should be no longer than one (1) page per selection criterion. The job-specific Information Pack will advise of any variation to this recommendation.

Specific areas that selection panels consider in the short listng of applications include:

Skills and knowledge;
Qualifications, training and competencies;
Standard of work performance; and
Demonstrated potential for further development.
If any criterion is not addressed, or insufficiently addressed, your application may not receive further consideration.

For further advice on how to address selection criteria please refer to Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service, Fact sheet Five - Addressing Selection Criteria.

Please quote the Job Reference number on the front cover of your application and on the Personal Particulars of Applicant form provided to assist us to correctly identify the position you are applying for.


Your résumé, or curriculum vitae (CV), is a summary of your personal and work history. Essentially, it is a way of marketing yourself as its primary purpose is to help us assess your suitability for a position. It should provide all the relevant information about your education, employment experience, achievements, abilities and interests.

You do not need to provide written referee reports with your application, unless otherwise stated in the job specific Information Pack. However, you must include the names and contact details of two referees who can comment on your recent work performance. One of your referees must be your current supervisor or manager. If you do not wish for us to contact your current supervisor without your prior consent, please indicate this in your application.


Some positions will have mandatory qualification requirements and these will always be advised in the job advertisement and the job specific Information Pack. In such circumstances you will need to provide evidence of your qualifications with your application or at interview.

Submitting your Application

Your application must be received on the advertised closing date. Submission of late applications are only on agreement with the contact officer. The details of the contact officer are included in the job specific Information Pack.

The Department's preferred method of receiving applications is by e-mail, however we do accept applications via post, hand delivered or fax. It is important to note that emails should not exceed 1.5MB. If documents such as certfiicates, references, licences, etc are required they can be brought to an interview. Please do not include them in your application unless they are specifically requested.

For information on where to send an application please check the information provided in the job specific Information Pack.

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